Sunday, January 8, 2012

Will To Go Forward

Had a great meeting with my WA (writers' anonymous) group. They are such a hoot. We ladies sit around and chat about everything possible. The funny thing is, we know we are all listening for story ideas in the midst of the rambling. Our leader, Cheryl, is awesome. I've been with the group for three years now and she never fails to amaze me with her caring and sharing. She brings articles, she supports us, she keeps us on track (a difficult thing to do as we are a fun-loving group), and she gives us Christmas presents! We've decided to meet twice a month. You can tell the group is successful by that kind of response.

We talked about e-books. Since the articles on that fantasy author came out, everyone is excited about the prospect. I think that author's quip about not having to worry about how she looks and such was a great selling point for some people. One of the 'girls' said she knew a man who refused to have his books published by any way other than e-books. He loves the control he has. He knows he could make more money, but what he does sells and he's having fun. 

We also discussed Writer's Digest. The quality seems to be getting better and better. The latest issue had two articles that we all enjoyed. One was 'inkwell' which told of an author's attempt (successful) in getting her book published without an agent. The article gave some good steps to follow. Another article was a humorous one. It was something about what NOT to do as an author. It provided a lot of laughs.

Life is a blessing. 

PS - this blog entry really touched me.

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