Saturday, January 28, 2012

Class on Tuesday

I've got my writing class on Tuesday. I sent around my MS (chpts. 20 and 21) to the teacher and my fellow students. I've already re-edited these two chapters. I'm looking forward to the feedback because my hero/heroine thinks they are drifting towards 'total madness.' I'm hoping the class feels the sense of intrigue that I'm trying to convey. *fingers crossed*

I've got six MS's that I am committed to read. Three for Tuesday's class and three for the Skyline Writers Group. I will be presenting too. The group took to heart my frustration over non-entries and have started an alternate for each group for each month. That means that, even though I presented in January, the person up for February has already said she can't make the meeting, so that means I'll present again. Those chapters are complete and ready.

Sometimes it's a wee bit difficult -- keeping track of which group has which chapters, but it's worth the mess to get so many different viewpoints. Got to take them with a grain of salt, though.

Life is a labyrinth.


  1. I have writing friends who set up spread sheets, though they are geared toward sending out queries to agents and publishers, respectively. I would think it should work for this as well... :-)

  2. I have a spreadsheet for tracking publishers. I suppose I could use one for critique groups, but I think I'll try to keep that number to a minimum. Life is messy enough without adding more.