Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Plots and Such

Mystery writer, Les Roberts, has said that there are really only about ten plots that authors can use. Everything else is a derivation. Here's his website.

You've seen what he means. The Romeo and Juliet type of story. The NCI type stories. The killer animals stories. 

I was watching the trailer for Albert Nobbs. It looks like it's going to be a good movie. Glenn Close received an Oscar nomination for it for Best Actress.

I heard an announcer say this movie is like a 'Tootsie.' Nope. More like a Yentl. From what I can see. Definite drama.

I realized, as I watched the Albert Nobbs trailer, that the storyline is slightly parallel to my 'Blue.' Mine, of course, is a YA fantasy novel, but the idea of a girl masquerading as a boy to fulfill her destiny is one of those plots that Les illustrated.

So -- this being the year of the dragon. AND -- this being the year of the girl pretends she's a boy --- I think the Muse is telling me to get my arse off the chair and finish this book. It is timely. Of course, I know that. 

Life is quick.

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