Friday, January 27, 2012


'Blue' has some villains who are easily discerned. They're wizards and they live in the north. (don't all the bad guys usually live or come from the north!!!)

I've also got a 'surprise' villain. A person who hides in the shadows, or seems to be a friend, or is kind to animals, and turns out to be the bad guy.I'm hoping I've hidden him/her (won't tell you) well enough. But not too well that it comes as a complete shock when my readers discover who it is. That would not be good!

I hate when you read a book and three pages into it, you know who the bad guy is. I like a little mystery in my coffee. 

I hope I've hidden my villain well. My critiquers haven't said they know who it is yet, so there's hope.

Life is a giggle.

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