Monday, June 9, 2014

Voices In The Air

Today I lifted my arms in the air and conversed with the Universe. I told it thatI wanted to write again. It told me To go ahead.

I've received much encouragement from friends and fellow writers.

I am thinking of putting 'Blue' away for a time, grab somerhing from my idea pile, and create a new tale.

However, I plan on continuing to send out querries for my giraffe tale.

As I said before, I got chromecast for Christmas. I'm hoping to search for querie letters and how to write them.  I'm also going to find a class and take it.

Life is stardust.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Universe

If you can't believe that the universe flows through us, breathes within us, and causes us to action - then you should open your mind to such an adventure.

D and I were talking about Claudia Taller's Word Lovers Retreat and the wonderful writers we met and the plethora of information we gleaned from just two days. Inviting D had been a second thought, but we both realized that the universe wanted D to be there. She's still flying high with the joy and encouragement she found there. I'm trying.

Besides that, C, creator and moderator of Westlake's Writers' Ink, shared a book with D. Tonight, D brought it over and we salivated as we turned the pages. Wow. It's an incredible book that has been out since 1990. How on earth we both missed it, I can't explain. The universe must have been in eclipse at the time. A new edition came out a few years ago and that's the one C lent to D.

The title of the book is 'Descriptionary'. I'm sure some of you have heard of it or perhaps use it as your writing bible. It's got so much to thrust at your creativity, it's astounding. As I was delving into the pages on weapons and animals and the environment, I thought, 'This really needs to meld with an etymology book'. Because of the genre I write in, I need to know what century the word is from. If it's too modern, I can't use it.

So I am delegated to using my old pal, the Online Etymology Dictionary, alongside the 'Descriptionary'. There are phrases in both that just set you off into the depths of words you had not even considered. It's fun.

Also, we were watching an interview with James Patterson in which he stated: 'There is one rule in writing. Break the rules'. D and I found that funny and freeing. We'll see how many rules we can break and still get published.

On the week-end, Trudy Brandenburg told us a little about a software called, 'Skivener'. I'm sure many of you use it or know of it. I've heard the name tossed about a few times, but Trudy's presentation showed how easy it is to use and what a great tool it can be for writers. It's called the complete writing studio and it really is about that. D's going to buy it next week and we'll look it over when next we get together.

Writing can be expensive. Skivener, Descriptionary, conferences, books, etc.... It is all worth it, though. You must pay yourself first to reap the benefits of your investment.

Life is learning.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Heart Palpitations

Something odd happened today. I opened my MS of 'Blue' and felt disturbed. So disturbed that my heart did a dip. Perhaps I'm not quite as ready as I had thought to renew my relationship with this tale. The Muse screams at me, 'It's been since March. You must get back and help Kathleen. You've got to delete those scenes that we talked about.'

Deleting is difficult. Especially after I've edited and edited and edited. By now, the words feel right, the scenes are developed, and the characters are friends. How can I go in and delete even one word? Yet, my friends, I know, deep in my gut, that there are scenes that must come out. Period.

I suppose it's kind of like deleting my Facebook account. It's been years in the making and I've spent time developing relationships and contacts along the way. I look forward to pictures of friends' children, to news that an author friend has another book published, and to joy in the finding of a lost pet or a magnificent morning's sunrise.

Every story I've written is close to my heart. I have trouble editing them. Sometimes I wish I could edit blindfolded. *g* It would be simpler if I didn't know what I was cutting. ROTFL

Well, I did go into 'Blue' today and I marked some areas that I will cut and paste in another file - just in case the Muse turns unruly and insists I put the scene back.

Working with a Muse is difficult.

Life is challenges

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Even committed....

As I said in earlier posts, the week-end definitely helped turn me around. I decided I would start working on 'Blue' again and knew about what I had to do with it.

However, life got in the way. I had such hopes for today, but they fizzled to naught. My car, close to dying, decided to make extra fun noises yesterday. The air conditioner died. My son, bless his soul, said he'd help me with the car-buying process. He found a few vehicles that looked about right and my daughter and I proceeded, last night, to check them out. We found one we both loved and set into motion the buying of the 2007 Impala. This took quite some time. Paperwork is insane in this day and age.

Before we went back to the dealer, we spent the morning at my granddaughter's school. They had Spirit Day that lasted from 10am to 1pm. Both my daughter and I were exhausted. The sun was mega hot and even with a breeze, we were both dying. No matter. We had to go to the dealer and that was that.

Besides that, my daughter dropped my cell phone and the face shattered. After the car-buying fiasco, I went to Verizon for another several hours of getting a new phone. Shattered is a great word. My heart shattered at the cost of the replacement phone. I can't live without a smart phone. They are expensive.

As for 'Blue', I will work on it tomorrow. I promise. I am being a very good girl and keeping up the engine of writing.

I found a fun article at writers digest and I copied the link for you and pasted it below. Have a fun read and know, as I now know, there is hope.

Life is hectic.

Monday, June 2, 2014


A short continuation of yesterday's post.

My children's picture book is on its tenth rejection. I succumbed to a form of malaise that threatened to implode my writing career.

One of the ladies attending the week-end retreat is a poet. On Saturday night, I worked up the courage to ask if she would listen to my giraffe story and critique it. I thought that the meter might be off and that's why the little thing is getting rejected.

Lo and behold. Hallelujah and Praise the Lord.

This dear woman sat on the rather cool porch in the most wonderful Amish rocking chairs and actually laughed during almost the entire reading. She read the MS out loud and giggled and chortled and caused my heart to burst with renewed hope and joy. Bless you, woman!!!

She turned to me, when she finished the tale, and said she did not understand why it was being rejected. She found the tale delightful and charming and funny. She found the poetry flowed and the meter perfect.

I've often written here how important it is for affirmation for writers. Most of us sit alone and write while the Muse holds back her portion of the tale. To have such uninhibited appreciation of my work made every rejection almost laughable. (Sorry I've used almost a couple times, Claudia. I do know better. *g*)

Friends are important and friends should be included in our struggles and our joys. I hesitated inviting a friend of mine to the retreat, but I have rarely seen anyone so affected. She is still on Cloud Nine. I spoke with her this evening to see if the aura of joy had dissipated - it had not.

I will remember these lessons from this delightful Word Lovers retreat put on by Claudia Taller, and continue to feed myself in hope and joy and with friends and co-writers who exude creativity.

Life is creation.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Where Am I?

I've been in a void in outer space somewhere these past few months. I've felt much like David in the desert with King Saul's soldiers searching for the anointed shepherd destined to take Saul's crown. Of course, my life isn't quite that dramatic, but I'm sure I share some of David's feelings as his songs, The Psalms, touch me deeply and sustain me during this time of testing.

Luckily, I have writer friends who value me and what I am about. One such, Claudia Taller, invited me to 'chill out' at a bed and breakfast in Lakeside, Ohio, this past week-end. She knew struggle had become my middle name. Claudia was holding a 'Word Lovers' Retreat'. I'd been to one before and knew the venue and the presence of like-minded women would definitely not hurt me, but help me. It's kind of like going to the cemetery and breathing in all the gifts that remain behind of those who have passed on.

The women who attended were delightful, intelligent, committed writers. I knew from the first moment I stepped into the gathering room that my decision to accept Claudia's invite was the correct one.

I didn't write this week-end, I sucked in the creative vibes emanating from the attendees and the two wondrous speakers, Trudy Brandenburg and Liana Laverentz. (see links below) These two women listened to my woes and promised I would be a revitalized writer by the end of the week-end. Safe to say, they were right.

Sitting on the front porch, rocking on an Amish-made rocking chair, I found some peace about the rejections I'd been receiving. I gathered strength from the love and laughter of the other participants. The food was great, the creative challenges offered were fun and enlightening, and the sharing and laughter were plentiful.

If you get a chance, sign up for one of Claudia's great retreats. The Idlewylde, the B&B we stayed in, is a delightful late 18th century house and the rooms sparkle with kindness and love and comfort.

Life is continuing.