Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I Willl Not Say I'm Back

for I never really left. Who can leave writing? After months of moaning and feeling sorry for myself, I have taken one step forward.

Today, I went to a community hall and used their computer to begin the process of revising 'Blue'. I think I've known for awhile that the book needs major revisions. I believe that's why I've been running the other way.

When I first started writing as a career and not a hobby, I knew the joy of writing. These past few years, I've come to learn an important lesson. I am not entitled to being published. But -- I will not stop trying.

For now, I decided to tackle 'Blue' and make it the story that is trying to get out. The one I fell in love with. I know it's in that mass of 70,000 words. I've fought taking any of them out. I've fought revising it. I'm a seat-of-the-pants writer. What the Muse causes to be typed on my keyboard is what the story should be. Foolish woman. The Muse is only one part of the story. I'm intelligent and good at writing. I should be part of this process.

I went through the first three paragraphs of 'Blue' at the center and still am not finished with them. This process is going to take an even stronger commitment, but unbeknownst to me, courage and tenacity are part of my soul.

I'm not sure if I'll be blogging every day the way I used to, but I do know I will keep this blog up. Working on 'Blue' is my first priority, after taking care of myself and the family. For goodness sakes, I must be healing for I wore make-up today for the first time in years.

Love to you all out there, writing and wishing and hoping and bleeding. After all, as Hemingway said, 'There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down and bleed.'

I've got bandages. Angry bird ones. I'll be ok. So will you. xxxooo

Monday, June 9, 2014

Voices In The Air

Today I lifted my arms in the air and conversed with the Universe. I told it thatI wanted to write again. It told me To go ahead.

I've received much encouragement from friends and fellow writers.

I am thinking of putting 'Blue' away for a time, grab somerhing from my idea pile, and create a new tale.

However, I plan on continuing to send out querries for my giraffe tale.

As I said before, I got chromecast for Christmas. I'm hoping to search for querie letters and how to write them.  I'm also going to find a class and take it.

Life is stardust.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Universe

If you can't believe that the universe flows through us, breathes within us, and causes us to action - then you should open your mind to such an adventure.

D and I were talking about Claudia Taller's Word Lovers Retreat and the wonderful writers we met and the plethora of information we gleaned from just two days. Inviting D had been a second thought, but we both realized that the universe wanted D to be there. She's still flying high with the joy and encouragement she found there. I'm trying.

Besides that, C, creator and moderator of Westlake's Writers' Ink, shared a book with D. Tonight, D brought it over and we salivated as we turned the pages. Wow. It's an incredible book that has been out since 1990. How on earth we both missed it, I can't explain. The universe must have been in eclipse at the time. A new edition came out a few years ago and that's the one C lent to D.

The title of the book is 'Descriptionary'. I'm sure some of you have heard of it or perhaps use it as your writing bible. It's got so much to thrust at your creativity, it's astounding. As I was delving into the pages on weapons and animals and the environment, I thought, 'This really needs to meld with an etymology book'. Because of the genre I write in, I need to know what century the word is from. If it's too modern, I can't use it.

So I am delegated to using my old pal, the Online Etymology Dictionary, alongside the 'Descriptionary'. There are phrases in both that just set you off into the depths of words you had not even considered. It's fun.

Also, we were watching an interview with James Patterson in which he stated: 'There is one rule in writing. Break the rules'. D and I found that funny and freeing. We'll see how many rules we can break and still get published.

On the week-end, Trudy Brandenburg told us a little about a software called, 'Skivener'. I'm sure many of you use it or know of it. I've heard the name tossed about a few times, but Trudy's presentation showed how easy it is to use and what a great tool it can be for writers. It's called the complete writing studio and it really is about that. D's going to buy it next week and we'll look it over when next we get together.

Writing can be expensive. Skivener, Descriptionary, conferences, books, etc.... It is all worth it, though. You must pay yourself first to reap the benefits of your investment.

Life is learning.





Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Heart Palpitations

Something odd happened today. I opened my MS of 'Blue' and felt disturbed. So disturbed that my heart did a dip. Perhaps I'm not quite as ready as I had thought to renew my relationship with this tale. The Muse screams at me, 'It's been since March. You must get back and help Kathleen. You've got to delete those scenes that we talked about.'

Deleting is difficult. Especially after I've edited and edited and edited. By now, the words feel right, the scenes are developed, and the characters are friends. How can I go in and delete even one word? Yet, my friends, I know, deep in my gut, that there are scenes that must come out. Period.

I suppose it's kind of like deleting my Facebook account. It's been years in the making and I've spent time developing relationships and contacts along the way. I look forward to pictures of friends' children, to news that an author friend has another book published, and to joy in the finding of a lost pet or a magnificent morning's sunrise.

Every story I've written is close to my heart. I have trouble editing them. Sometimes I wish I could edit blindfolded. *g* It would be simpler if I didn't know what I was cutting. ROTFL

Well, I did go into 'Blue' today and I marked some areas that I will cut and paste in another file - just in case the Muse turns unruly and insists I put the scene back.

Working with a Muse is difficult.

Life is challenges