My Heroes

Short for now- but I'm sure this will grow!

Angela, Brian, Mark and Caileen - you know who you are and you know I could do nothing without your support and love and tolerance!

Laurie Knowlton - see speaker page for info - teacher/author/friend

Debra Heidler - student/teacher/author/friend

Carter Hasegawa - Candlewick editor (kind, awesome)

Diane Mieskowski - fighter/author/friend

Chuck Sambuchno - see speaker page for info - author/teacher

Sabine Jakob - awesome friend

Gesine Jakob - author/wonderful friend

Marilee MacAskill - Dale Carnegie teacher/mentor/friend - I can't wait to use the stuff I learned there when I do author launches and such!

Martin Baynton - Pukeko Pictures - Mentor


  1. Thank you so much, darling, for adding Sabine and me to your Heroes' list. I am honoured and proud to find me here. I can say the same about you: you are a talented author and a wonderful friend. And you are so inspiring. When I open my computer in the morning the first thing I do is going to your blog because there is always something good for me in it. Thnak you. Love you to pieces.

  2. Sweetheart, just what Gesine says. Without you our world would be so much poorer. You are an inspiration to both of us, your will to go on and face whatever challenge is thrown your way, your enthusiasm, your wonderful talent, your grace and dignity in the face of suffering...Love you more than I can say!!!

  3. You two are the best! Thank you for the constant encouragement. You know you have mine!!!