Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jump Around

I don't know why I enjoy songs that have the word 'jump' in them. Listening to House of Pain. Reminds me of the old Pointer Sisters' 'Jump (For My Love).' I adore Van Halen's 'Jump.' There's such a great beat throbbing through these songs. Excitement exudes from this word. I think I'm going to incorporate it more in my book. Obviously a great word.

Going back to the importance of words. Same goes with character names, places, curse words... Word by word. Each important. I changed the spelling of one of my characters because my reading buddy always pronounced it wrong. Was that her fault? NO! Though I used a real name, the spelling is odd. Easy enough to change it and keep it from being a stumbling block for my readers.

My innards are just jumping (LOL) today. I went over the last few chapters of 'Blue' and found them scintillating, strong, and full of tension. I know I'm biased, but no matter that, the chapters are good. I felt the creative juices jumping. *g* My spirit wanting to write. 

Of course, I can't. Got three engagements for tonight. I'm only attending one. Stretching is good, but not when it involves my writing. My editor has the MS's that I offered. I can't wait to get them and see what the readers think of both 'Blue' and 'Sorrysorrysorry.' My reading buddy wanted to get together tonight, too. We'll meet Friday night.

Tonight, I'm going to my son's for dinner and drinking and laughing and joy-filled hours.

Life is jumping.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beware The Critique (er)

Ah ha! I discovered something today. At the last critique session, one person said that my hero/heroine cried way too much. I hadn't thought so. I took the criticism to heart, but researched it. (you know I love research *g*)

'Blue' so far consists of a little over 46,000 words. I did a word search for 'wept' and found 6 out of the 46,000. I tried 'cried' and found 8 repetitions. Lastly, I did 'tear(s)' -- this one had 33 repetitions. I decided to find out what the percentage was. (As an aside -- There are three people in the book who weep. So I can take that into account. Also, my dragon weeps twice.)

Now I'm really really bad at math - so if I'm wrong about this, please let me know. Six and eight and thirty-three make forty-seven times I used words associated with weeping. (I know I didn't use the word weeping.) Forty-seven out of 46,000 words equals a 1% usage of a word associated with weeping. I don't consider that too bad of a thing. 

BUT - as all stats can be manipulated.... I will go back and see if the last few chapters have a plethora of these words. Perhaps that's what the critiquer meant. If there is a preponderance, I'll make changes. If not, I'll leave the tale the way it is. 

Since my tale is a fantasy of a world turned topsy-turvy, I have to make sure I put in references throughout the book of the changes that make this apparent. A critiquer suggested I don't do it enough. I find these criticisms almost always come in a chapter that has none, but the next chapter has many such references. I'll go back and peruse the tale for chapters that are consecutively deficient in these references.

My point though, is this -- trust yourself and your Muse. Because a critiquer 'feels' that you've missed an opportunity, doesn't necessarily make it so. 

Yet - and this is a big one - I have to put aside my pride and sense of ownership and at least research what the apparent cause of the criticism is. For my own sake. For the sake of continuity. For the sake of my readers. Changes might be needed; then again, they might not. But it's worth the effort.

Life is effort-ful.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Landmines in Writing

It's the little things that I shudder over. How on earth, after all these years, can I mistake cord for chord? I know the difference, but in the heat of writing, I seem to write the wrong one. Too many times. The same is true for reigns and reins. I found a great little site that is old but still really powerful when it comes to making sure I'm using the correct homonym and spelling it right..

Another fun landmine that drives me nearly mad is the use of subjective verbs like was and were. By the way, Grammar Girl (see link below) really knows her stuff. I will take a moment here to say - don't use was and were if you don't need to. Action verbs like stretched, heaped, slid, lopped, burned... all kinds of fun things. One trick I learned at an SCBWI conference: use odd verbs. If you're writing about a person driving a truck, write: The engine's hum shivered through me. My bike flew as I peddled faster and faster.

Oh - another thing. I strive to remember to write the right (little homonym there for you) the verb agreeing with the subject. That's a fun one. If I'm writing about one person, I've got to make sure the verb agrees. Something like this. She does that well. They do that well. Sometimes it's easy. He (or they) scurried over the half-rotted logs. Same verb for both. 

Life is focusing. 

PS - I get stuff wrong all the time. If you see something here, please let me know. Every learned thing is important to good writing. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012


I was watching Paul Merton's travel show the other day. He used a phrase I'd not heard of before: The Good Bus Of Fortune.

Made me think about publishing. I am beginning to think a lot of it might be fate. Not all, but a goodly portion. I am getting closer and closer to sending 'Sorrysorrysorry' out again. Once, like Icarus, I've had my feathers burned by rejections, I find it hard to soar again. I have to work myself up to the level of courage needed to step up to the trough and send out the thing again. I wonder if there might be some kind of bullet-proof vest that writers can wear to protect themselves from the slings and arrows of rejections.

My - I seem to be using a lot of cliches tonight. 

You know I do love to talk about research. Well, I found an extremist when it comes to research. There is a playwright who spent ten days in a panda cage so that he could write a play about people. I'm not sure what the connection is between people and pandas... *g* However, the lengths he went to to research was astounding to me. I'm not going to be able to complain about research ever again. I am also NOT going to throw myself into a volcano for my story! Put that thought away, dear readers!

Last little tidbit. One Hit Wonders. This term is usually used for songs that were the only hit song a writer/singer had. I wonder now how many authors (books) are one hit wonders? I shudder at the thought. It seemed to me that, if you were blessed enough to get one book published, it was downhill from there. Your chances of getting published a second and third (and fifteenth and twentieth) time were great. I know better. I know good writers who should have more than a couple books published, and yet, they are out there hawking their wares and not getting their next book published. It's a rather horrifying thought. IMHO.

Well, enough of musing. I didn't get to the conference yesterday and I haven't heard back about the two MS I sent for critiquing. That makes me a wee bit nervous. But it is the holiday week-end and the critiquers were flying back to their homes. I've got to keep my fingers and toes crossed.

Life is never dull.

PS - I do so hope to get back to reading other blogs! I miss the wisdom and wit and joy contained in them.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Use Everything

I was talking about rituals and life experiences and using them. It's the old 'keeping your eyes open' ploy.

We in the USA are celebrating a holiday this week-end. A friend told me of someone she works with who had no idea what the holiday was about. We were both slightly stunned. The media give a lot of attention to this holiday. Besides that, we all get the day off. Well, most of us. How could she not know what the holiday was about?

It's like that with my writing. I've got to know what's going on all around my characters. I can't have them off on some adventure and not know where they're at, what's happening, and why. At least as far as I as the author will tell them.

I can't have them having a day off and not know what the reason is. If it's for a holiday, I better sure as heck know what the holiday is about.

Being an author means knowing a lot. Yes, you can research things on the net, but you have to make darn well sure you have researched pretty well.

I wrote an incident in one of my chapters about making a campfire. I swore I had researched it well, but one of my critiquers, a Boy Scout, laughed and said I better go back to Google or find myself a Boy Scout who would tell me how to start a campfire. My son-in-law's an Eagle Scout. I will ask him tomorrow.

Life is research.

Friday, May 25, 2012


I was watching a ceremony today and realized that rituals are a part of our lives. I don't have any rituals in 'Blue' and I think this makes the book lacking. I'm not sure exactly where I'll add one or what kind - it's a society with multiple gods - but I'm definitely going to add one or two scenes. Through the centuries, rituals have been a part of our lives. 

I think one of the things that makes our writing more potent is when we step back and look at our lives and what's in them and add something like that to our writing. It only makes it better, fuller, richer. 

As for writing 'Blue' - *g* - perhaps I need a few 'writing' rituals for myself. I used to write in restaurants til my favorite ones closed. The ones left do not have the atmosphere. I feel I'm taking a valuable seat. 

I have printed the next few chapters and plan on working on those. Perhaps tomorrow. I've got a md appt and they always run late. I should hope for a running late office. *g*

I still haven't fixed/added/changed the input from my critique group. I haven't finished the miniscule changes from my writing partner for Ch. 4. I've got to get my buns in gear. 

The funeral is Saturday at 10am. I am hoping to leave the cemetery and go to my writers conference, but who knows. The family might want/need me to stay for the after thingee. I'll see. 

Life is complicated.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Best Laid Plans

Today has not gone as planned. I went to the hospital and discovered an empty bed. An odd sensation - one I'm going to hide away for when its needed. My relative died this morning at 3am. Calls to the family suggest he'll be buried on Saturday.

Which means - heavy sigh - I will miss my conference. I can't miss the funeral. For my cousins' sake. My uncle doesn't care - he's resting peacefully somewhere. 

I paid for two critiques. My editor says they'll send me them. They might also call. That will be nice. I am discouraged as I already missed one conference. Lots of friends would have been at Saturdays. That's another loss. 

But my family needs me and I'll be in the cortege. That's where I'm supposed to be. 

Please don't think I'll NOT miss my uncle. I will. He was dear to me and to his wife. Especially dear to his daughters. And his stepchildren. As a human, I just wish the funeral was being held on another day. God bless him and God bless us.

Life is sad.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Every time I get together with my writing partner, she tells me I should be teaching writing. She says the phrases and 'pictures' I use to describe the various reasons why I think she should change something resonate with her. It is heady praise. Perhaps I should consider it. She does a lot of reading of 'how-to' writing books. I am humbled when she says I get ideas across so much better, make it easy to understand why something should be changed, and all with laughter and kindness. She makes me blush.

We spent another great evening tonight. Lots of laughter and lots of intense scrutiny of words, phrases, meanings, and characters.

She writes so well. Her humor is insanely perfect. I laugh at the images her words grow in my mind. She berates herself for her lack of expertise with dialogue, but her innate humor is excellent. 

As for my story, she effuses over it. It makes it a fun evening for the both of us. I can't wait till the next session to see what slapstick situations her character will cause to happen. 

Life is fun.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Loose Ends

I had three chapters of 'Blue' critiqued about a week ago. I give myself time to distance myself from both the chapters and the critques so I can view them impartially. As impartially as I can.

One of the mentions was a collar that had significant meaning through the last few chapters. I had the collar on my character and mentioned it a couple times. Then I went one chapter without mentioning it and the critiquers really didn't like that. 

Another was a ruby necklace worn by the heroine. When she received it, I mentioned it, and in a few other places besides. It became a 'part' of the character, like breathing, so I hadn't mentioned it for a few chapters. Needless to say, along with the collar, were questions about the necklace.

I really rarely leave loose ends about, therefore, I sometimes hesitate to make changes to a chapter when I 'know' that in the very next chapter I bring up things like the collar and the necklace. But I think my critiquers might have a point. I read through the chapters again and plan on editing them in the next couple of days. I'll consider the 'loose ends' my critiquers brought to mind. That doesn't necessarily mean I'll change or add to the chapters, but I'll definitely read the chapters with those thoughts in mind.

I think this is one of the strong points about having critiquers. Whether or not you make the changes, they make you think. And that is a very good thing.

Life is though provoking. *g*

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Best Laid Plans

Well, after I wrote yesterday's post saying I was gonna really put the pedal to the metal and work on my writing, I got a text message saying a family member was dying. So I've spent the last two days at the hospital with cousins and such, waiting and praying. 

I brought my papers and my yellow pad but there was no opportunity. The family is gathering and every hour or so another member would join us and we'd share life and memories and such. It'd be great if I were a memoir writer - but this waiting is terrible.

I haven't had dinner yet. Thank goodness for Starbucks. Gonna eat some soup now and then pull out my tablet and read some tales. Take my mind off what brings tears. 

Sadly, I'll use this later. Or thankfully. It is kind of odd and kind of nice at the same time - to know that everything can be reused in a tale or book. Nothing is wasted, now that I'm a writer.

I am grateful. Even sorrow and tears will be remembered and brought to the forefront if needed for a scene. My characters gorge themselves on my memories, fears, joys, and tears. 

Life is pecular. 

PS -- I am now using the 'new' blogging device from Google. I finally 'found' the blogs I was following. Thank goodness!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Conferences And Such

I am feeling slightly bereft. There is a conference today - close by. I just can't afford it. I wish I were there. You know how it is. I know I can't attend every conference, but when they are so close, my mouth waters. I've had to use a towel... *g*

Next Saturday is another conference. I've signed up for it and, if you remember, my MS for the first 8 pages of 'Blue' will be critiqued. I'm oddly excited. Usually, I'm filled with trepidation at the thought of a 'professional' critique. But this will be in a familiar setting and my friends will be with me. 

Honestly, the value of friends is not to be sneezed at. This really is about writing. My dearest friends don't read my stuff and I don't share anything about my writing with them. They don't understand. It's heart-breaking, at times, but I've learned to live with it. Their friendship is extremely valuable. So there is NO thought of breaking these friendships. I've learned to find writing friends. I've got the one incredible one whom I meet with once or twice a week. I should push out into the ethernet (and around my own territory) and try to find another. 

'Course - I should be writing, too. I'm taking my little yellow pad out today (it's gonna be a hot one), find a restaurant that's not too busy, and work on chapter 36. It's so close to being done. 

Life is worthwhile.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Muse Jounal

I met with my naturopath yesterday. We had a good session. She prescribed some new herbs. She does love herbs. She suggested using honey on my legs to help the healing process. I just started giggling. A book I'd written had the hero in a fire and the healers used honey and blueberries on the burns. It was fun sharing. She's hoping to write a book on herbalist being burned at the stake in Europe during the Dark Ages. I've got to talk with her more on that, once I'm truly better.

I'd told her my writing was starting to feel more like a job and not a joy. She suggested I start a journal. I've tried journalling for years and hate it. Truly hate it. She suggested a Muse Journal. This got me excited.

I often decry the fact that I 'lose' some great ideas and thoughts and even words or phrases because I'm not writing them down. Used to be, my memory was great. With this illness and the myriad drugs I'm on, I'm not as good as I once was. 

The journal sounds like a great idea. I used to carry a little recorder around with me. I don't know where it went in the move. I put a little notebook in my purse and I'm putting one in my car compartment today. I vow to write down all thoughts from the Muse. That should satisfy the fiend. *g*

Life is scintillating. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Writing Partner

I know people who can write with a partner. I really don't think I can. First off, trying to find a fantasy author is pretty hard - at least in my neck of the woods. The local sci-fi/fantasy group only allows members who write short stories. I write volumes. *g*

Met with my writing buddy tonight. We went over my chapter three. It turned out well. We then went over her chapter two - the one I discussed previously. Turns out she didn't take quite to heart everything I suggested, but did go over the chapter and made significant changes. It really worked well, what she did. So perhaps my part in the story was to jog her into looking more closely at it. The flow was much better.

We then looked at her chapter three. That chapter had the same awesome 'feel' to it as her chapter one. There was hardly anything that needed tweaking. She was happy with that.

It's very difficult to open yourself (by that - I mean your work) to someone else's critical eye. It takes courage. Something that I've been told over and over that I must learn to develop. I think I am. Finally.

My editor didn't call today. I haven't sent her the next chapters of 'Blue' because she has two huge events happening at her house these next two weeks. Which I suppose gives me an excuse for not writing.

Au contrare, my friends. I taped a program about Yellowstone and watched it tonight. Got to get the feel for the next couple of chapters. My hero/heroine is in for a rough road.

Life is indomitable.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Not Lost

On April 30th, I sent off my first eight pages (Blue) to be critiqued at a conference. I hadn't heard back and was starting to be anxious. Thankfully, my editor called today, said she had it and had decided to not send it, but discuss a couple ideas with me first. I've still got time, so I wasn't too concerned.

Now, I'm wondering what on earth she wants to discuss. We've already done the first and second chapters twice. I thought they were ok. Well, not going to lose sleep over it. My editor is good and it will work out.

I haven't written any more of 'Blue.' I'm meeting with my friend tomorrow for another 'jam' session. It will be on Chapter Two of mine (I think). Her's will be a rehash of the changes she made from my suggestions.

I'm a little concerned about this. She said she had changed everything I talked about. I hope she didn't. As writers, we've got to realize that we don't have to change everything just because someone else said so. I truly hope that I was guided by the Muse in what I suggested. She is the author. I'm just an interested bystander. We'll see what happens tomorrow night. 

I'm looking forward to the week-end. The weather has been drop-down gorgeous lately, but my life has been super busy and I haven't even gone down to the lake to enjoy it. Prayer requests have been overwhelming. Prayers, praise God, are still being answered no matter what.

Life is hectic.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Had three of my chapters critiqued Saturday. The comments were constructive.

The one thing that made the whole day worthwhile was this: one of the members said my creativity was unbelievable. He loved all the different scenes and the tension and wondered how I kept thinking up new 'stuff' to happen to my characters. The others agreed.

I was near delirious. As I write, sometimes I fear I get carried away and have too many things happen. But the Muse, really my mind, keeps finding new things to throw at my characters, to challenge them, to keep the 'book' moving. I can't help it. 

This praise was most appreciated. 

Do you feel the same way sometimes? Does it seem like you are writing too much? That the book might be too complicated by all the things that occur? I know the reviewer that said my creativity was great was the same guy who said I had too many plots. I have to laugh. I'll take the creativity comment over the 'plots' comment.

Now to make the changes to the chapter that I think are valid and continue on. 

Life is hysterical. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Challenge

Trying to write a challenge that is out there. I told the story to my little one and she was very pleased with it. She wants to draw the pictures to go along with it. Bless her little heart.

However, as in all things that are worth anything, research must be done. I've lost a website that I used to use a long time ago. That's what happens when I get a new computer and forget my links. I can't find it with a Goggle search. I'm going to write to certain friends who might know what's happened to it. I'm hoping it's not defunct. That would be sad. It held a wealth of information.

I'm not stopping writing 'Blue.' This challenge is for around five hundred words or more. As with everything I write, except those lovely little tests of delightful word choices - the drabble, I will have no problem with five hundred words. The problem is taking the research and infiltrating it into the story without making the story dull or one-dimensional. So far, I've got six pages of notes. Just kill me now. *g*

It is amazing how easy it is to write a one-dimensional piece. Because it is easy though, I guard myself against doing such things. Life is too short to write drivel. I like steak and potatoes. That's the kind of story I like to write, too. Give me 2,000 calories in a tale and I am well fed.

Life is fulfilling.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Exhausted But Happy

Today's wild ride culminated in meeting with one of my writer friends. Doctors' appointments and Little Gym, along with a stop for ice cream and the inevitable playing dolls took their toll. I am exhausted.

The day ended on an awesome note though. My friend and I decided a couple weeks ago to share our 'work.' She brings a chapter of her book to my place and I print out a chapter of mine and we read, critique, and help edit.

The last time we met, we had a ball. Laughter startled the neighbors, I'm sure, but the 'pedal to the metal' grind of dissecting our work paid off, I think. I know my friend felt the same way.

Tonight, we brought our respective chapter two's out. Shared insight into what we were trying to get across made us both swallow hard as we accepted the critiques. The sharing went well. Now, I have a lot of work to do finding 'diamond' sentences for the chapter. So does my friend.

It was a glorious meeting. Mutual respect helps. Love of writing transcends egos. Enthusiasm for writing the best story possible makes changes bearable.

Life is a good and honest friend.

PS - Rest in piece Mr. Sendak. You will be missed.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Trusting Statistics

Ah dear. I refuse to not be happy with the number of hits on my blog.

However, I was watching the new Sherlock Holmes the other night and Watson said his blog had over 1,800 hits in less than eight hours. A bit deflating to me as I count my first 1,800 that took almost a year to hit.

I will not be daunted by a fictional character. ROTFL

I've been watching a series of reports on SF writers (Asimov, Heinlein, Wells, Clarke). Another deflating exercise.

I will not be daunted by incredible writers with incredible imaginations.

'Blue' is good. I know it is. It might not be the great American tale, but it's been fun to write and I know my readers will get a kick out of it.

Listening to others opinions or accomplishments is a good thing, as long as it doesn't pull me down. I've got to continue to enjoy what I'm doing. My use of words draws praise from others. Not always, but it does. My scenarios are such that they draw my readers into the story. My characters are not flat, but real, struggling people.

I think the worst thing I can do is judge myself against others. Judge my works against others. I am unique as are you. My thoughts are not yours, thankfully, and yours are not mine. Creativity rules when I create from my own experiences, my own fears, my own thoughts. I will be creative.

Life is boundless.

PS - I've got a good chunk of Chapter Thirty-six done. Hoping to finish the chapter in the next couple of days.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Songs That Touch My Writing

Israel Ka'ano'i Kamakawiwo'ole

I can't believe I found this singer. His 'Over The Rainbow' makes me cry every time I hear it. When I have to kill off a character or put my character through some difficult times. I listen to IZ.

Credance Clearwater makes a blank page sing. The Beatles - well I won't tell you what I write when I'm listening to them, but it's fun. Randy Newman is perfect for humor and laughter and lightness. The Beastie Boys make for adventure. Enya is perfect for those tender moments.

If I get stuck, along with that mantra I now must speak with every breath (Trust - the words will come), I pull up Pandora and hit the station that I need for that scene - and I'm in business.

Try it. It's easy enough. It might work for you. I can't abide silence, but thankfully, I can write in silence, too.

IZ is dead now. So many songs lost to us.

Don't stop writing. You have stories to tell. I do, too. Keep smiling.

Life is stunning.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Courage Or Insanity


Just finished chapter thirty-five. I started it a few days ago and kept postponing returning to it. I hadn't a clue as to what was going to happen in the next few hours and that had me quaking in my boots. (Hmm - I used to be called Tex.)

I sat down tonight with the vow that I would write the chapter. I knew where it was heading. I knew the terrain. I knew that the characters were in the midst of confusion and horror. 

I sat and looked at the blank screen. A white Word screen can be quite daunting. Even with chapters completed and notes scribbled.... Daunting.

I put on some Bad Company and put my fingers on the keyboard and willed them to move. I have found, time after time, that if I just sit down and tell myself to start typing or writing (depending upon the medium I'm using) that the words come. They always do. 

Why don't I remember this lesson? I suppose I better put sticky notes all over my 'office' with the words.... THE WORDS ALWAYS COME. Then I wouldn't let fear or whatever keep me from writing.

Life is incorrigible.

PS - The chapter's pretty good, too!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dragons And Story Arcs

It's been fun writing chapter thirty-five. The last few chapters have focused on the midpoint of the book. I finally got my heroes/heroines in line and traveling where they had to go. This next chapter is part of the last 'obstacle to overcome.' 

According to the powers that be, we have a start, an inciting incident, an obstacle to overcome, a midpont, the last obstacle to overcome, then the climax, and finally, the gathering of threads, otherwise known as the Denoument. (The Story Arc)

I've used this tool infrequently, but I like it. The one I have found is a sort of graph with arrows pointing from the start all the way to the finish. It works. 

I will tell you this. Though I have this graph at the bottom of my file, I only look at it on occasion. It serves more as a 'Wow. I did it right.' than a 'I must remember to do this part next.' 

It's gratifying to know that the Muse knows what she's doing. And that I listen properly. 

Life is splendid.

PS - You can find a couple graphs at these links. 
This is the one I use.
This is one that a lot of other people show on their blogs. I like mine better. *g*

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Don't Know

I sometimes sit at this computer and wonder what on earth is going on with me, with the world in general, with those I love in particular.

I've been fighting an illness for the last ten months. I decided to be positive about it. I'm telling my legs, 'You are getting better.' I think they're listening. They are getting better, bit by bit.

That's what I'm doing with 'Blue' too. I'm telling it, 'I know where you're going. I know what the ending is. (I really do, thank goodness), I know what my characters are thinking.'

If I stop and think about this whole writing thing, I'll be so scared, I'll stop writing. But I don't want to. You and I both know writing can be deliriously wonderful. Mind-boggling. Landscape stretching. 

Since I must continue to write, I'm going to add some of 'Blue' here. To keep me going. To keep me positive. Not word for word, mind you. But enough to push me further. To keep me inspired. 

'Course, having friends who giggle with you is really helpful. Hope you find some.

They are headed towards the mountain and the last part of the book is in full swing. I'd thought I had an idea of where it would end, but it's ending much sooner than I thought. *g* At least, I think it is. They will go to the castle, rescue the boy, and that will be it. I meant to have it end with the taking back of the heroine's own castle, but that doesn't seem to be the way things are going. But that's all right. I plan to make this a trilogy, but the powers that be say not to end with too much hanging. It will be up to the reader to see if he/she wants to go and read more. The book will end well. Perhaps. 

Life is puzzling.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Another Opportunity

That's the way I look at these things. I'm going to a small conference in a couple weeks. One of the authors has agreed to critique 'paid' participants. I can't help it. I've sent off the first eight pages of 'Blue,' along with the required coin, to have it critiqued. We'll see what happens.

Since I was only allowed to send eight pages, I couldn't send the ones that contain the dragon. And the dragon is such a neat character. Perhaps the reason why two writer friends have suggested I start the tale closer to the end of chapter one. Hmmm. Seriouser and seriouser reasons for that major change. 

I can't do it. I can't do it. I love the words; I love the scenes; I love the interplay between characters.

*heavy sigh* - If this author tells me to start it at that other part, I will definitely do it. I'll mourn for a moment or two and then I'll change it.

I'm good. *g* I'll find someway to get other stuff in there, somewhere further along the book.

There is always hope. *g*

Life is engaging.