Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dragons And Story Arcs

It's been fun writing chapter thirty-five. The last few chapters have focused on the midpoint of the book. I finally got my heroes/heroines in line and traveling where they had to go. This next chapter is part of the last 'obstacle to overcome.' 

According to the powers that be, we have a start, an inciting incident, an obstacle to overcome, a midpont, the last obstacle to overcome, then the climax, and finally, the gathering of threads, otherwise known as the Denoument. (The Story Arc)

I've used this tool infrequently, but I like it. The one I have found is a sort of graph with arrows pointing from the start all the way to the finish. It works. 

I will tell you this. Though I have this graph at the bottom of my file, I only look at it on occasion. It serves more as a 'Wow. I did it right.' than a 'I must remember to do this part next.' 

It's gratifying to know that the Muse knows what she's doing. And that I listen properly. 

Life is splendid.

PS - You can find a couple graphs at these links. 
This is the one I use.
This is one that a lot of other people show on their blogs. I like mine better. *g*

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