Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Writing Partner

I know people who can write with a partner. I really don't think I can. First off, trying to find a fantasy author is pretty hard - at least in my neck of the woods. The local sci-fi/fantasy group only allows members who write short stories. I write volumes. *g*

Met with my writing buddy tonight. We went over my chapter three. It turned out well. We then went over her chapter two - the one I discussed previously. Turns out she didn't take quite to heart everything I suggested, but did go over the chapter and made significant changes. It really worked well, what she did. So perhaps my part in the story was to jog her into looking more closely at it. The flow was much better.

We then looked at her chapter three. That chapter had the same awesome 'feel' to it as her chapter one. There was hardly anything that needed tweaking. She was happy with that.

It's very difficult to open yourself (by that - I mean your work) to someone else's critical eye. It takes courage. Something that I've been told over and over that I must learn to develop. I think I am. Finally.

My editor didn't call today. I haven't sent her the next chapters of 'Blue' because she has two huge events happening at her house these next two weeks. Which I suppose gives me an excuse for not writing.

Au contrare, my friends. I taped a program about Yellowstone and watched it tonight. Got to get the feel for the next couple of chapters. My hero/heroine is in for a rough road.

Life is indomitable.

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