Monday, May 14, 2012


Had three of my chapters critiqued Saturday. The comments were constructive.

The one thing that made the whole day worthwhile was this: one of the members said my creativity was unbelievable. He loved all the different scenes and the tension and wondered how I kept thinking up new 'stuff' to happen to my characters. The others agreed.

I was near delirious. As I write, sometimes I fear I get carried away and have too many things happen. But the Muse, really my mind, keeps finding new things to throw at my characters, to challenge them, to keep the 'book' moving. I can't help it. 

This praise was most appreciated. 

Do you feel the same way sometimes? Does it seem like you are writing too much? That the book might be too complicated by all the things that occur? I know the reviewer that said my creativity was great was the same guy who said I had too many plots. I have to laugh. I'll take the creativity comment over the 'plots' comment.

Now to make the changes to the chapter that I think are valid and continue on. 

Life is hysterical. 

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