Monday, May 21, 2012

Loose Ends

I had three chapters of 'Blue' critiqued about a week ago. I give myself time to distance myself from both the chapters and the critques so I can view them impartially. As impartially as I can.

One of the mentions was a collar that had significant meaning through the last few chapters. I had the collar on my character and mentioned it a couple times. Then I went one chapter without mentioning it and the critiquers really didn't like that. 

Another was a ruby necklace worn by the heroine. When she received it, I mentioned it, and in a few other places besides. It became a 'part' of the character, like breathing, so I hadn't mentioned it for a few chapters. Needless to say, along with the collar, were questions about the necklace.

I really rarely leave loose ends about, therefore, I sometimes hesitate to make changes to a chapter when I 'know' that in the very next chapter I bring up things like the collar and the necklace. But I think my critiquers might have a point. I read through the chapters again and plan on editing them in the next couple of days. I'll consider the 'loose ends' my critiquers brought to mind. That doesn't necessarily mean I'll change or add to the chapters, but I'll definitely read the chapters with those thoughts in mind.

I think this is one of the strong points about having critiquers. Whether or not you make the changes, they make you think. And that is a very good thing.

Life is though provoking. *g*

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