Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Challenge

Trying to write a challenge that is out there. I told the story to my little one and she was very pleased with it. She wants to draw the pictures to go along with it. Bless her little heart.

However, as in all things that are worth anything, research must be done. I've lost a website that I used to use a long time ago. That's what happens when I get a new computer and forget my links. I can't find it with a Goggle search. I'm going to write to certain friends who might know what's happened to it. I'm hoping it's not defunct. That would be sad. It held a wealth of information.

I'm not stopping writing 'Blue.' This challenge is for around five hundred words or more. As with everything I write, except those lovely little tests of delightful word choices - the drabble, I will have no problem with five hundred words. The problem is taking the research and infiltrating it into the story without making the story dull or one-dimensional. So far, I've got six pages of notes. Just kill me now. *g*

It is amazing how easy it is to write a one-dimensional piece. Because it is easy though, I guard myself against doing such things. Life is too short to write drivel. I like steak and potatoes. That's the kind of story I like to write, too. Give me 2,000 calories in a tale and I am well fed.

Life is fulfilling.


  1. Research is a vital foundation to any story, even a short one! Even if you don't actually mention the things you discover in your research, it's still there in the foundation of the story. Research gives you the complete background to write something believable.

    Can't wait to read your challenge story!

  2. My research proved that my memory of a certain event was flawed. I can work around it... *g*