Sunday, May 20, 2012

Best Laid Plans

Well, after I wrote yesterday's post saying I was gonna really put the pedal to the metal and work on my writing, I got a text message saying a family member was dying. So I've spent the last two days at the hospital with cousins and such, waiting and praying. 

I brought my papers and my yellow pad but there was no opportunity. The family is gathering and every hour or so another member would join us and we'd share life and memories and such. It'd be great if I were a memoir writer - but this waiting is terrible.

I haven't had dinner yet. Thank goodness for Starbucks. Gonna eat some soup now and then pull out my tablet and read some tales. Take my mind off what brings tears. 

Sadly, I'll use this later. Or thankfully. It is kind of odd and kind of nice at the same time - to know that everything can be reused in a tale or book. Nothing is wasted, now that I'm a writer.

I am grateful. Even sorrow and tears will be remembered and brought to the forefront if needed for a scene. My characters gorge themselves on my memories, fears, joys, and tears. 

Life is pecular. 

PS -- I am now using the 'new' blogging device from Google. I finally 'found' the blogs I was following. Thank goodness!!!

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