Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Don't Know

I sometimes sit at this computer and wonder what on earth is going on with me, with the world in general, with those I love in particular.

I've been fighting an illness for the last ten months. I decided to be positive about it. I'm telling my legs, 'You are getting better.' I think they're listening. They are getting better, bit by bit.

That's what I'm doing with 'Blue' too. I'm telling it, 'I know where you're going. I know what the ending is. (I really do, thank goodness), I know what my characters are thinking.'

If I stop and think about this whole writing thing, I'll be so scared, I'll stop writing. But I don't want to. You and I both know writing can be deliriously wonderful. Mind-boggling. Landscape stretching. 

Since I must continue to write, I'm going to add some of 'Blue' here. To keep me going. To keep me positive. Not word for word, mind you. But enough to push me further. To keep me inspired. 

'Course, having friends who giggle with you is really helpful. Hope you find some.

They are headed towards the mountain and the last part of the book is in full swing. I'd thought I had an idea of where it would end, but it's ending much sooner than I thought. *g* At least, I think it is. They will go to the castle, rescue the boy, and that will be it. I meant to have it end with the taking back of the heroine's own castle, but that doesn't seem to be the way things are going. But that's all right. I plan to make this a trilogy, but the powers that be say not to end with too much hanging. It will be up to the reader to see if he/she wants to go and read more. The book will end well. Perhaps. 

Life is puzzling.