Friday, May 25, 2012


I was watching a ceremony today and realized that rituals are a part of our lives. I don't have any rituals in 'Blue' and I think this makes the book lacking. I'm not sure exactly where I'll add one or what kind - it's a society with multiple gods - but I'm definitely going to add one or two scenes. Through the centuries, rituals have been a part of our lives. 

I think one of the things that makes our writing more potent is when we step back and look at our lives and what's in them and add something like that to our writing. It only makes it better, fuller, richer. 

As for writing 'Blue' - *g* - perhaps I need a few 'writing' rituals for myself. I used to write in restaurants til my favorite ones closed. The ones left do not have the atmosphere. I feel I'm taking a valuable seat. 

I have printed the next few chapters and plan on working on those. Perhaps tomorrow. I've got a md appt and they always run late. I should hope for a running late office. *g*

I still haven't fixed/added/changed the input from my critique group. I haven't finished the miniscule changes from my writing partner for Ch. 4. I've got to get my buns in gear. 

The funeral is Saturday at 10am. I am hoping to leave the cemetery and go to my writers conference, but who knows. The family might want/need me to stay for the after thingee. I'll see. 

Life is complicated.

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