Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jump Around

I don't know why I enjoy songs that have the word 'jump' in them. Listening to House of Pain. Reminds me of the old Pointer Sisters' 'Jump (For My Love).' I adore Van Halen's 'Jump.' There's such a great beat throbbing through these songs. Excitement exudes from this word. I think I'm going to incorporate it more in my book. Obviously a great word.

Going back to the importance of words. Same goes with character names, places, curse words... Word by word. Each important. I changed the spelling of one of my characters because my reading buddy always pronounced it wrong. Was that her fault? NO! Though I used a real name, the spelling is odd. Easy enough to change it and keep it from being a stumbling block for my readers.

My innards are just jumping (LOL) today. I went over the last few chapters of 'Blue' and found them scintillating, strong, and full of tension. I know I'm biased, but no matter that, the chapters are good. I felt the creative juices jumping. *g* My spirit wanting to write. 

Of course, I can't. Got three engagements for tonight. I'm only attending one. Stretching is good, but not when it involves my writing. My editor has the MS's that I offered. I can't wait to get them and see what the readers think of both 'Blue' and 'Sorrysorrysorry.' My reading buddy wanted to get together tonight, too. We'll meet Friday night.

Tonight, I'm going to my son's for dinner and drinking and laughing and joy-filled hours.

Life is jumping.

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