Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Not Lost

On April 30th, I sent off my first eight pages (Blue) to be critiqued at a conference. I hadn't heard back and was starting to be anxious. Thankfully, my editor called today, said she had it and had decided to not send it, but discuss a couple ideas with me first. I've still got time, so I wasn't too concerned.

Now, I'm wondering what on earth she wants to discuss. We've already done the first and second chapters twice. I thought they were ok. Well, not going to lose sleep over it. My editor is good and it will work out.

I haven't written any more of 'Blue.' I'm meeting with my friend tomorrow for another 'jam' session. It will be on Chapter Two of mine (I think). Her's will be a rehash of the changes she made from my suggestions.

I'm a little concerned about this. She said she had changed everything I talked about. I hope she didn't. As writers, we've got to realize that we don't have to change everything just because someone else said so. I truly hope that I was guided by the Muse in what I suggested. She is the author. I'm just an interested bystander. We'll see what happens tomorrow night. 

I'm looking forward to the week-end. The weather has been drop-down gorgeous lately, but my life has been super busy and I haven't even gone down to the lake to enjoy it. Prayer requests have been overwhelming. Prayers, praise God, are still being answered no matter what.

Life is hectic.

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