Sunday, May 27, 2012


I was watching Paul Merton's travel show the other day. He used a phrase I'd not heard of before: The Good Bus Of Fortune.

Made me think about publishing. I am beginning to think a lot of it might be fate. Not all, but a goodly portion. I am getting closer and closer to sending 'Sorrysorrysorry' out again. Once, like Icarus, I've had my feathers burned by rejections, I find it hard to soar again. I have to work myself up to the level of courage needed to step up to the trough and send out the thing again. I wonder if there might be some kind of bullet-proof vest that writers can wear to protect themselves from the slings and arrows of rejections.

My - I seem to be using a lot of cliches tonight. 

You know I do love to talk about research. Well, I found an extremist when it comes to research. There is a playwright who spent ten days in a panda cage so that he could write a play about people. I'm not sure what the connection is between people and pandas... *g* However, the lengths he went to to research was astounding to me. I'm not going to be able to complain about research ever again. I am also NOT going to throw myself into a volcano for my story! Put that thought away, dear readers!

Last little tidbit. One Hit Wonders. This term is usually used for songs that were the only hit song a writer/singer had. I wonder now how many authors (books) are one hit wonders? I shudder at the thought. It seemed to me that, if you were blessed enough to get one book published, it was downhill from there. Your chances of getting published a second and third (and fifteenth and twentieth) time were great. I know better. I know good writers who should have more than a couple books published, and yet, they are out there hawking their wares and not getting their next book published. It's a rather horrifying thought. IMHO.

Well, enough of musing. I didn't get to the conference yesterday and I haven't heard back about the two MS I sent for critiquing. That makes me a wee bit nervous. But it is the holiday week-end and the critiquers were flying back to their homes. I've got to keep my fingers and toes crossed.

Life is never dull.

PS - I do so hope to get back to reading other blogs! I miss the wisdom and wit and joy contained in them.

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