Sunday, June 1, 2014

Where Am I?

I've been in a void in outer space somewhere these past few months. I've felt much like David in the desert with King Saul's soldiers searching for the anointed shepherd destined to take Saul's crown. Of course, my life isn't quite that dramatic, but I'm sure I share some of David's feelings as his songs, The Psalms, touch me deeply and sustain me during this time of testing.

Luckily, I have writer friends who value me and what I am about. One such, Claudia Taller, invited me to 'chill out' at a bed and breakfast in Lakeside, Ohio, this past week-end. She knew struggle had become my middle name. Claudia was holding a 'Word Lovers' Retreat'. I'd been to one before and knew the venue and the presence of like-minded women would definitely not hurt me, but help me. It's kind of like going to the cemetery and breathing in all the gifts that remain behind of those who have passed on.

The women who attended were delightful, intelligent, committed writers. I knew from the first moment I stepped into the gathering room that my decision to accept Claudia's invite was the correct one.

I didn't write this week-end, I sucked in the creative vibes emanating from the attendees and the two wondrous speakers, Trudy Brandenburg and Liana Laverentz. (see links below) These two women listened to my woes and promised I would be a revitalized writer by the end of the week-end. Safe to say, they were right.

Sitting on the front porch, rocking on an Amish-made rocking chair, I found some peace about the rejections I'd been receiving. I gathered strength from the love and laughter of the other participants. The food was great, the creative challenges offered were fun and enlightening, and the sharing and laughter were plentiful.

If you get a chance, sign up for one of Claudia's great retreats. The Idlewylde, the B&B we stayed in, is a delightful late 18th century house and the rooms sparkle with kindness and love and comfort.

Life is continuing.


  1. It sounds wonderful!

  2. Good to see you back! I'm glad you had such a healing weekend! <3

  3. So happy for you, dear sister! Sending love and healing thoughts and prayers, as always.

  4. Support by such as you has sustained me over the years. I just needed an extra 'shot' of creativity. Bless you!!!