Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Even committed....

As I said in earlier posts, the week-end definitely helped turn me around. I decided I would start working on 'Blue' again and knew about what I had to do with it.

However, life got in the way. I had such hopes for today, but they fizzled to naught. My car, close to dying, decided to make extra fun noises yesterday. The air conditioner died. My son, bless his soul, said he'd help me with the car-buying process. He found a few vehicles that looked about right and my daughter and I proceeded, last night, to check them out. We found one we both loved and set into motion the buying of the 2007 Impala. This took quite some time. Paperwork is insane in this day and age.

Before we went back to the dealer, we spent the morning at my granddaughter's school. They had Spirit Day that lasted from 10am to 1pm. Both my daughter and I were exhausted. The sun was mega hot and even with a breeze, we were both dying. No matter. We had to go to the dealer and that was that.

Besides that, my daughter dropped my cell phone and the face shattered. After the car-buying fiasco, I went to Verizon for another several hours of getting a new phone. Shattered is a great word. My heart shattered at the cost of the replacement phone. I can't live without a smart phone. They are expensive.

As for 'Blue', I will work on it tomorrow. I promise. I am being a very good girl and keeping up the engine of writing.

I found a fun article at writers digest and I copied the link for you and pasted it below. Have a fun read and know, as I now know, there is hope.

Life is hectic.


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