Thursday, January 12, 2012

Moving in the Real World

Finally know where I'm going. I've got a nice condo waiting for me. Move will be Feb. 1st. Lovely little place. I'll have more time to write and less time needed for cleaning.

Spent the day preparing to pack. It was arduous, but necessary. I really can't wait to have my life settled again. 

I did spend some time with 'Blue,' thinking about her/his character and I've finally got a nice pigeon-hole for my elevator pitch. Saw it at the SCBWI website. It's a tale for questioning youth. *g*

I'd love to go to the event in January in New York, but not feasible. It's alright. I start classes again on Tuesday with my editor. That will be great. Just what I need to continue the flame of passion that is flickering inside me.

Saturday is the writers' retreat. That will be great. I plan to work on 'Blue' and also a fluff piece.

Life is passion.


  1. Whoohoo!!! I am so excited for you!!!

  2. This is awesome news about your move. I think getting settled in a place like this where you will have fewer worries will make a big difference to your writing. I'll try to come visit you in your new place!! *g*

  3. The incredible thing about the place is it will be rent free! God provides. I promise not to ever doubt.

    Judy, Margaret, remind me!!!!!