Thursday, January 19, 2012

Welcome Back

I'm glad to see Congress is going to give more thought to the piracy bills. It was interesting being part of a worldwide strike.

I spent the day working on 'Blue.' I went back to the beginning chapters. Re-reading showed that I do have magic in those first chapters, so I didn't add anything there. I did add two sequences of 'climate change.' ROTFL - not Dan Quayle's climate change. One was seriously disturbing as I killed off a few kids. 

I like re-reading. I think it's extremely important in keeping me grounded. I reawaken to my characters as they begin their journey. It's pretty neat. And, IMHO, necessary.

I printed out the first nine chapters. And - of course - found two things that I had to change. Honestly, I was so sure I was ready to close those chapters and consider them finished. *pulls hair*
It's not a biggee. The changes are easy. Nothing plot-wise or character-wise. I'm going to have tomorrow off. I expect to spend more time with 'Blue.' I feel like I'm back on the right track again. 

Life is finding the right track!

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