Sunday, January 15, 2012


Wow! This one was wonderful. About 12 of us attending; nine staying the night, but very worthwhile.

I submitted 'Blue' chapters 19 through 21. It was very well received. The newest member of our group read it 'cold' and enjoyed it thoroughly. Said she had no problem understanding what was happening and what probably went on before. She's not a fantasy reader and the hook made her stop... Dragons, she thought, witches... hmmm. But she said she loved it. I sat there trying not to blush as the kudos kept coming from all the participants. Life is good.

Otherwise, I was in severe pain all day Saturday. Thankfully, the pain was almost nonexistent on Sunday so I was able to do a proper critique of two of our members. I know one of the reasons the pain was not there was because Lori Gray pushed me around all day in a wheelchair. I can't thank her enough for the meeting rooms were far from the entrance and the bedrooms.

I left the place with a feeling of such peace. It was needed. I didn't write at all. Well, I fooled around with the fluff piece, but mostly I just retreated and regrouped. 

My class starts Tuesday and I'm looking forward to that. The last class I presented I think was in August. I've since sent chapters to the teacher (my editor). So I'm going to send the class the next one that is due my editor and hope that the hook will remind them of what went before and if they have questions, they will be easy to answer. 

Life is pushing onward.


  1. YAY! Congrats on all the great reviews. Not so good on the pain though. :( Hope you're feeling better and good luck with your class!