Monday, January 23, 2012

Serious Pain Tonight

In the process of moving and I've discovered stress seems to make the pain flair horribly. So I'm off to bed in a moment.

Skyline is starting to plan for our annual conference. This year it will be on August 25th. Looking into venues and speakers. There's a lot of enthusiasm in the group. It's exciting.

My Writers Ink group is hoping to get together this week for a night of writing. I don't think I'll be able to make it, what with the move and all. 

I've been working on 'Blue' - thankfully! Editing, not writing. But it's been great. I've gotten through chapter nine. Hopefully, tomorrow, if I get some sleep tonight, I'll tackle the next ten chapters. *fingers crossed*

I will share this with you. I've been kind of despondent over the fact that I haven't reached my goal of sending out the giraffe story yet. I had hoped to send it out to another four publishers in November, but that time flew past I have been kicking myself ever since.

Then - it dawned upon me. I have sent it out. It was July, but I sent it out. So why am I kicking myself? Some people never finish their books, never mind sending them out. 

I'm taking this as a good thing. When I'm ready, I'll send it out again. And I'm finally getting some strength and gumption *g* back to do just that.

Life is pushing forward.


  1. Keep moving forward, no matter how slowly.

  2. Well, with the new scooters, I can at least keep up with the little one. *g*