Friday, January 27, 2012

Maurice Sendak

Stephen Colbert wants to foray into childrens' books. He said so many 'stars' are dong it, he thought he should get into it. So - he interviewed Maurice Sendak whom he considers one of the greats. I do to. I love the Little Bear illustrations Maurice did. 

Maurice did not have much good to say about childrens' books today. It's interesting. I would have loved to hear what he felt was the reason for the decline. Of course, Stephen was busy getting laughs. The interviews (there are 2 of them) are hysterical. Not 'G' rated. But funny.

Maurice said 'most books for children are really bad.' He loves Curious George and anything Dr. Seuss. 

I wonder where he felt the onus lies with this decline in good childrens' books. I know what I think.

Life is full of poles.

PS -- Maurice says he hates e-books. They cannot be the future.

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