Monday, January 16, 2012


Since I'm having my work critiqued by chapter, I copy and paste that chapter to a new word document. I attach the new document to my emails and send it off with the appropriate chapter number in the subject line.When I receive the critique back, I make changes on the original word document. Not the new one. Eventually, I erase the new one.

So today, as I'm going through the new document, readying it for the changes I'm making per the suggestions received at the retreat this week-end, I discover both documents don't match. What a pain! This has happened before and it drives me crazy.

I spent the evening going through both to see what is there and deciding which document is the better. There were only a few that definitely had to be changed, but it still took all night to do it. I know there's a tool to go through both documents, but I don't trust it.

Life is neck-stiffening.

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