Saturday, January 21, 2012

Arrrggghhhh 2

Yesterday I got my domain name. It surprised me that I needed some amount of courage to do this.

Today, I worked on making the site 'nice.' I, of course, chose a mountain theme. It looks great. I put in contact information and such. I also made a page for my books (when they are published). 

BUT - when I go to the internet to find the site, my website does not come up in the search. 


I'm a wee bit tired from the time spent creating and editing, so I'm off to bed. However, I have a feeling I will lie there and wonder why.......

Life is a puzzle.


  1. If you are doing a general search, it isn't high enough on the list to show yet. The Project by Judy didn't show for quite a while. You'll have to type in the actually address for a while.

  2. Thanks, Judy. I'll try to be patient. I did a serch just now. Not visible yet.