Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I happened to be at the venue where I used to attend a writers' group. Lovely bunch of ladies. However, they meet in the afternoon and I have the little one with me then. I've not been 'with' the group for over five months. I miss them. They're a very nice group of women and talented, too.

As I walked into the lobby, there two of them sat, waiting for their rides. They were delighted to see me as much as I was delighted to see them. The little one went off playing and we had a good half hour of chatting. It was such a pleasure being with them again. Two others from the group joined us. They want me back, bless their hearts. I told them, next September when the little one starts first grade. I do have to put family first.

A few days ago, I heard one of my most loved songs, 'Going Home.' A group I'd never heard of sang it. Brought tears to my eyes as it always does.   I put the volume up way high.

As I listened, a story idea came to me. Oh! Such fun! I've written down the premise and the first few words and emailed it to myself. That way, I won't lose the thought, the concept. It is always such fun when the Muse attacks!

Speaking of which, I entered two of my 'fun' stories into a contest and won second place for both of them (in different categories). I've got another one I've been working on. I haven't posted the next chapter in awhile. I intend to do that tonight.

Life is a blessing. So are you!

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