Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A State of Flux

A wee bit of advise. 

Never throw anything away -- writing-wise that is. 

At class tonight, we discussed how the publishing industry is constantly in a state of flux. Rules that governed the industry last year are overturned for new rules this year. 

Therefore, I repeat, never throw anything away. If a publisher will not accept your rhyming book today, give it a year, it might be its time. I think the same could be said of all books. 

I'm beginning to think that writing is like an addiction. It grabs hold of you and whispers, 'Write. Write.' If you don't continue 'smoking,' the addiction will gradually leave. You will find excuses for not writing. You will discover that there is a world out there with things to do. 

Now, as with any addiction, I find the question it poses: Do I want to withdraw? No! I don't. I know the highs I get when the Muse speaks to me. I know the joy of a scene taking shape and becoming magnificent. I love the 'feel' of a character under my thumb. 

Ah! The joys of writing. Worth every bit of agony. 

Life is insane.

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