Monday, January 9, 2012

The Importance of Writing

Rock Center had a story about the author of the Percy Jackson series. My oldest granddaughter loves them. I didn't realize it, but the reporter said the books are near in sales to the Harry Potter books. I've not read any. I guess I'll borrow a couple from the library and take them with me to the retreat this week-end.

The important thing for me about the interview was why the author, Rick Riordan, wrote the books in the first place. It was for his son who has ADHD and dyslexia. That reminded me why I decided to write 'Blue.' Every now and then I seem to need a wake-up call to remind me of the importance of this book of mine. I didn't start out to write the great American novel (yeah sure), but to hopefully help kids who are struggling with their own image. To help them see that they are awesome, no matter what others say.

I think one of the things that disturbs me the most about the book so far - it doesn't seem to be communicating that issue as well as I would like it. I am afraid some of it is because I am afraid to look too deeply into the issue. Honestly, what kind of writer am I? Isn't the crux of good writing - being able to delve deep and find the wherewithal to tell this tale of hope?

I'm glad I saw the interview. I'm glad because it once again brought to the forefront the fact that I must finish this. It's important - for me - to look deep and long and find more of me - and for others to find themselves and rejoice in themselves.

Life is rejoicing.


  1. My nieces LOVE Percy Jackson.

    It isn't easy looking into those dark corners.

  2. It really isn't easy, Judy, but it's totally irrational. When you look at a wound and clean it out, it heals. *slaps head* I do intend to heal. Bless you!

  3. Sometimes its hard to make a character we like, and want the reader to like, to have a flaw or dark corner. But remember its overcoming the struggle, grappling with it day by day, that makes us love that character all the more!

  4. Also, nobody likes perfect! Who can relate to that? (Except me of course :D )

  5. Anonymous, anonymouse! I like perfect. Thankfully, for my friends, I'm not. That way they have something they can laugh about. *g*

    Grappling, huh?