Thursday, January 5, 2012


Spent a good portion of the day doing some edits. If you remember, I've committed to rereading my critiques from the one group I belong to. It's very interesting. After the 'buzz' wears off, I can look at these without any baggage.

I do find myself shaking my head, though. Too many times I get comments about something that is definitely 'there' but was either breezed over or ignored by the critiquer. At first, I'd see a bit of red... but I've finally matured enough (yeah, sure) to realize that if the critique is mentioned more than once, then I've not done my job. The piece needs to be expanded for my readers. Sometimes - I do that. Sometimes - I don't.

My critiquers are all well past forty years old. My audience is going to be twelve to sixteen year olds. I really give the kids more credit than I give their elders. Kids tend to catch things right away. They're eager to read between the lines. They're quick in thought. I think that's why I like writing YA. I know my audience is having a ball reading. They read beyond what I've written and like to have their imagination not spooned fed. 

I think.

Life is a bowl of cherries.

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