Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I don't think I've been taught to listen. Wouldn't think a person would need to be taught to listen, but I am beginning to see (after all these years) that listening is important. I'm going to start working on that skill with my little one.

I edited eight more chapters of 'Blue' today. The last one I'll have to redo because I was so tired, I wasn't paying attention.

But to the listening part. My focus for this round of editing has been on the magic part. Well, awhile back one of my critiquers said he was confused about the characters. I did listen, but half-heartedly. 

However, as I was editing today, I noted what might have caused his confusion. I wanted to slap myself side of the head for not noticing. I'm glad he brought it up. He was right. The story still functioned without any change. BUT -- it's better with the changes. And isn't that what editing is for... making the story better and better. Like a diamond cutter. Or a sword forger. Or a parent.

That goes back to the listening aspect. I listened with only half an ear. Thankfully, the critiquers in this group give those being critiqued a hard copy. I keep those until I've finished with the editing. Sometimes, I keep them even longer. If there's a question sneaking behind my eyes, I keep it. This unease usually means my Muse is telling me to look again. She's always right. Darn her.

Life is listening.

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