Sunday, January 22, 2012


My computer room looks like a tornado hit. As I've told you before, I like to print out my chapters as I write them and edit them via plain old paper and pen. That means there is a lot of paper lying about the floor, the three bookcases, the bed, and anywhere else I can find to chuck it. Always thinking I'll re-read it. 

I took seven years to write an epic tale. Ended up being over five hundred thousand words. Yes! More than one-half a million words. Insane. Do you have any idea how much paper is used in that? Besides that, after making corrections, I'd go back and edit again. *shudders*

This posting isn't about paper, however. This posting is about surprises.

I print out friends' stories too. I have been going through all the papers before pitching them and discovered a couple really great stories with good writing, plots, and characters.

Imagine my surprise, when trying to figure out who wrote them -- it was me. These stories that peaked my curiosity and favorable comments -- were all mine. 

On days when I'm wondering whether I really can write well, I must remember this.

Life is a surprise.


  1. It's a good reminder to go back from time to time and reread your own stuff. I am always amazed myself when I do that. It's also a lesson that reminds us that our ability to write is not truly based on how we feel at the moment -- the proof of our ability is in what we have written, and it really doesn't go away just because we might be having a wee slump.

  2. Bless you, Margaret. That is a good thought.