Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dancing In The Street

I know, I know. You're probably getting tired of the ups and downs of my moods. But with writing, good grief, things can change in an instant.

Horrid weather here - so the teacher cancelled our class. However *drum roll* she called to critique the chapters I'd sent her.

She was effusive in her praise. In an excited tone, she said she thought the book could sell now.

Which, of course, means I've really got to finish it! LOL

I've got so many ideas, but trying to put them all together... they're not on notes or cards or anything, but floating around in my head like flotsam and jetsam after a huge flood. *shakes head*

Thankfully, I haven't 'lost' any of the ideas... but with so much floating around, hitting against the inside of my head, I am overwhelmed. Perhaps if I wrote the stuff down, I'd be able to sleep *giggles*

Blessings to all - especially those of us in the midst of the 'storm of the century.'


  1. Stay safe! AND WHOOHOO!!! That's great news! There is nothing quite like encouragement from someone whose opinion you trust as an expert on the subject at hand. Go you! Getting writing. :-)

  2. Bless you! Your encouragement is just as important! We struggle together and that can be a good thing!