Monday, January 31, 2011


I could have made the title Fear - but that causes fear so - let's go with courage.

Playtime the other day had been quite fun. Ballet friends. The little girl's mother and I only spoke for that one hour each week. I was surprised when she asked to have a playdate, but what the heck.

We had a ball - I think the girls did too, but the mom and me - we had a ball. I found out she used to write B4 kids and is a webmaster for charity groups. What a find! What a treasure as a matter of fact.

I urged her to get back to writing - I could tell she's one of 'us' - someone who loves it. This morning at ballet, she told me that over the week-end she had gone back and found some of her stuff and was really getting excited and thinking she might be able to start up again. But the defining thing, the sticking in the craw thing - was fear. She was afraid she couldn't write anymore.

Fear does such terrible things to us. It just paralyzes. Takes the joy from our lives. Turns us into Scrooges.

So - I told her to just give me (or send me) little pieces of her stuff and then we could share about it. I don't think she's ever belonged to a writers' group or critique group. Doing things one on one is so much easier, less terrifying, and if you share a cup of mocha (she's got a machine!) then it's even less intimidating.

How on earth we (I) let fear keep us from the things we love. Where is my spirit of adventure? I seem to recall the former governor of PA saying we have become a nation of wooses! As for me, I think he's right.

I have printed out my chapters 5-7 and will pencil edit them this aftenoon - if the little one takes a nap. If not, I promise myself I will do it tonight. Basically, these chapters are done and sent off to my two critique groups. This is just the final 'touch' so that I am as familiar with the chapters as possible for the critique. I know some people write something and then, months later, when they have nothing else to present, pull up the old thing. Then, they can't really remember what it was about. What a waste of time for them. What a sad state.

Hm - perhaps it's not so sad, though. Friends tell me that putting things aside can sometimes make problems disappear, make difficult passages clearer, and make it easier to look at the thing with a fresh and free spirit.

Whatever happens, I'm still enjoying this process. I'll write about the editng later. That is a sure bet to bring me down! And right about now, I'm enjoying the upswing in mood.

Blessings and good writing!

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  1. How exciting! Sometimes it does help to put it aside, but by putting it aside for months, you lose touch with the plot and characters. Have fun!