Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why Would I be Afraid?

I'm constantly astounded by how fear can just appear in the midst of my day. I'll be thinking about the story and fear pounces upon me. Quick as lightning. I wonder what it is. I mean - writing is really supposed to be about me. About my creative juices flowing. About the story unfolding in front of me - and  me sitting with a bag of popcorn watching it. And enjoying every minute of it.

But then - this fear thing pounces and I am left strangled, impotent, frozen in time. I can't write. I hate it.

After being furious with myself, I force myself to sit down and write - either at the keyboard or on my faithful yellow legal pad. That usually works. I think it might be the fear of the unknown. There is this land laid out before me, characters standing about waiting, and me in charge. Yikes!

Perhaps if I put myself in my characters' place and yell at me - "Hey! We're waiting. What happens next? Will you get on with it!"  Perhaps that would help me forge forward. Pull out that sword I so handily put in my hero/heroine's hands, and fight the good fight, finish the chapter, and go on to the next.

Life would be so much easier as a writer. Well, enough of that. This character is yelling at me. He's in the midst of a new situation and wants me to get off my arse and tell him what to do next.

Characters! Can't live with them - can't live without them!

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  1. Had that kind of episode, today. What if no one wants my books? What if they do?! It really does help to simply start writing. I'm feeling calmer now. I prepped a story to enter the first 300 words for a possible critique (names are drawn), and now I'm terrified to actually send it in. What if they hate it?! If they love it, then what? You're right; it's fear of the unknown.