Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why A Blog?

Honestly, a reader told me that my blog has some inspirational value to it. I will say that I do write in the hope that a tale or character of mine touches someone.

But not here - not this blog. I write here to lift myself up, to force myself to write something, to keep some kind of record as to my progress, my trials and tribulations in writing (editing and publishing too), and to inspire myself to continue.

If I am able to 'inspire' someone here, that's great. If I don't, it wont stop me from continuing to post.

I've spoken with a lot of writers and they are not heavily supported, usually, by family and friends. I find myself in the same boat, most times. My children love me and they love the fact that I'm writing - but they are busy with their own lives. I'm glad for that. Thankfully, not one of them has ever said, 'Get a life, Mom!'

That means, however, that I have no one to deeply talk to about writing... About the things writers go through with blank spaces, odd hours, research, dry eyes, crying jags after killing off a beloved character, computer neck, editors, critiquers, sore derriere, where on earth the story is going, and if the 'odd' thing that the Muse insists I include is really stupid or perhaps incredibly brilliant.

That's why I started writing this, but I find now that I have held back on some stuff. Wanting to not burn bridges or whatever by using this gift of blog to speak of things I really need to for myself - in relationship to my writing and my writing career.

Critique groups are great. Classes are great. There is not enough time in either venue to share.

So tonight - I'm going to change that and write everything that I wish I had someone to share with. It will still be all about writing - but more a part of me than just the written word.

Still having fun! Still loving writing! Still loving this wondrous world!

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  1. Good! I'm looking forward to sharing the journey with you.