Thursday, January 6, 2011


My editor returned the first few chapters of her 'second' reading of 'My Sword Sings.' There were markings EVERYWHERE.... and this is AFTER a huge rewrite on every chapter after her first reading. 

I don't know what I'm going to do. I felt the book had lost its 'heart' already - these changes mean more loss of a certain character's perspective. The book was supposed to be about that character - but it got turned around - now I'm thinking that was probably a mistake....

I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it. This book (and it's already written 2nd and 3rd parts) is very dear to my heart... I've been working on it for four years and thought it was good..........

On the other hand, she absolutely loved 'Nothing But Blue Skies.' Hardly a mark on the first four chapters... That piece feels like so much 'fluff' compared to 'Sword' - but it's probably because I just started writing it about three months ago....

Forgive the weeping - I can't give up on 'Sword' and yet, it seems my editor has....


  1. Don't you dare give up on Sword. Write the story you need it to be. One of my favorite writers, Anne Gracie, had a scene in one of her books that I simply loved. When I wrote to tell her how much I loved the whole book, I picked out several of my favorite scenes including this little scene. She wrote back that her editor had wanted her to cut it, but she simply couldn't. She had cut it down from the original, but kept the heart of it. Did it move the story along? No. Was it necessary for the story? Not at all. Would it even have been missed in any way? No. But I was so glad it was there because it added a little more depth and richness to the story, a little more joy. I was the only one to write her and tell her I loved it, but because I did, she felt justified in keeping it for herself. And editor can make a story better, but they can also reduce it to trash. Why all the changes? Is it possible that it simply isn't something the editor likes? I know of one who wouldn't even read a book that had cats in it because she hated cats. SO, maybe you need to think about a different publisher for Sword. I know several writers who write for several different publishers, depending on the type of story they're writing. Praying for peace, comfort, and guidance for you!

  2. What Judy said!

    Do remember that you are the author, and therefore the final authority. The editor is good at what she does, but she is thinking of the broad picture and trying to sell a book she thinks people will buy -- which means she is willing to change things that maybe ought not to be changed, because she thinks she knows what people want!

    Whatever you do, I think you need to let Sword be for awhile. You put a lot of work into these edits lately, and you are tired. It's always harder to face disappointment when you are tired! Keep writing the things that bring you joy, and return to the editing after a nice holiday. Perhaps the changes she suggests will look different after a rest. Or, perhaps you will find a way to hang on to those things that make your character special and yours. But you need to be rested before you can put up a proper defense, or pour more effort into edits.

    Praying you find the confidence you need to proceed and the joy you are missing when faced with the task of more editing!

  3. Judy - can't thank you enough for your kind words. Another author, Chmiel, had the same thing happen to her... she stuck to her guns too and the book was published....

    I had the first ten pages of the book critiqued by an editor at a conference. She wasn't impressed. In fact, she tore parts of it to shreds, though she liked the scenes and the characters. I discovered later that she hates books that are violent and the prologue of Sword is a nasty battle with a charismatic character getting killed off. I'm sure that put her over the edge... LOL

    Again - bless you for yoru comments. I'm taking the words to heart and will restore many aspects of the book.

  4. Ah Margaret... I was starting to think that I had to 'die to self' to get the book published. Is it worth that? I think not. I'd rather look at it, after an appropriate resting time, and perhaps put back some of what was lost.

    Thanks ever so much!