Monday, January 10, 2011


I often wonder what other writers do who do not belong to writers' groups or plod along with no support. I have found three groups who are becoming dear friends. I'm grateful.

Saturday, in the midst of a nasty snowstorm, I met with the Skyline group. Great bunch of people. Most are dedicated. This day, most didn't make it... the streets weren't plowed... but one of the women in my group did show up (we have 3 groups).... We shared our chapters.

Once that was done - I voiced my concerns over my 'heart's work' - she was most supportive. She told me about another writer (whose books I've read) - her editor didn't want a certain scene, but the author felt it had to be part of the book. She stuck to her guns and the book was published - with the scene in it. My friend suggested I reassess the editor's input and go with my heart instead...

I got some responses to Thursday's postings which also uplifted me. I'm most grateful for friends and support groups.

I've resolved to finish 'Nothing But Blue Skies' - and then go back and redo 'My Sword Sings' - restoring the parts that I believe are necessary. The long haul isn't over... but with friends, I can make it.


  1. It sounds like there are many authors who have to fight to keep things that are important to them in their stories! That just goes to show it's important to be true to yourself and to your characters, and not let someone who doesn't understand them change them. Editors are important for helping authors, but they don't know everything, and they don't see the characters from the inside like authors do!

    I'm glad you have a sweet tale that's fun to write. It will make you feel stronger to finish it before going back to restore your other special tale. Try not to worry about how long it takes to do it, either -- when it's ready, it will be amazing! :-D

  2. Bless you! Still writing - but thinking all the time - which is a good thing *smiles*