Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I don't know why mountains have such a claim on me. I need them. I need to see them. I live in a flat place and so - I make sure my email page has mountains on it. I have them here... in pictures and as the backdrop.

But I have them in my stories too - I know part of it is their majesty - they touch the sky! But some of it is their ever-changing weather. Nothing is 'normal' on a mountain.... I like that about writing too. When it's good, it's not normal - it's exhilarating.

'Blue' isn't exhilarating - but it's fun. I'm wondering if it needs a mountain. I think I'll throw one in. When we get to Weirland, the land of the dragons, I think that would be fitting. You can't have dragons without caves.... and you really can't have good sized caves without mountains.

Ah - I feel better already....

Also - got a thousand word chapter written today. That is exhilarating!



  1. Dragons definitely have to have mountains. And how funny about having mountains in your email; I have the ocean, as often as possible.

  2. Optimum, for me, would be mountains with a lake or the sea at the bottom.... *deep sigh of satisfaction* I'm sure dragons can swim?

  3. Ahh, mountains. They're powerful. I think what sort of natural thing, be it mountains, a forest, the sea, etc a person prefers says a lot about them. (Myself, I'm the forest sort.)

  4. Is it because Bears live in forests? *giggles* Hmmm - I wonder what the significance is for each of these? Must take time to do a bit of research on it.