Wednesday, January 19, 2011


It amazes me - how much time research takes. I'm exhausted. And I know a bit about knights and squires and such... But there's always something new.

Phrases too can trip you up. Thankfully, my 'phrase alarm' seems to work quite well. I'll write a phrase and think, that sounds too modern. Or too American or whatever... Sure enough, when I look it up, it is.

BUT - Huzzah and hallelujah. Next chapter is done....

Better than that - I fixed three little quirks in other chapters that were bothering me. One scene, according to my critiquers, needed to be fleshed out. I didn't think so - but when I started working on it, I realized I could 'add' some description and still not 'give away' plot.

Life is good. Many thanks for the encouragment of my firends.


  1. You are one of those for whose support I am most grateful!