Monday, February 7, 2011

Tough Writing

Today - writing was tiring. I don't know why. I wasn't comfortable, sitting at my computer. So I took my little note pad and went off to one of my fav restaurants. Didn't write there, but did edit some.

Hm - not good enough.

Went to one of the nicer libraries around here, found a great table near a glass-enclosed garden, and wrote for an hour solid. Now - that doesn't seem like a lot, but the writing was hard. My back hurt though the chair was comfortable.

Sometimes, I think the emotionality of writing can affect my physicality - if that makes any sense.

But I've got almost a thousand words in the next chapter done. AND, I know where the next part is going. If I can face all the little things that distract, I should have Chapter Ten done by the week-end. Seriously, I'd love to see it done tomorrow, but that won't happen.

PS - Glad GB won!


  1. Definitely "get" that! The emotional aspect of writing really can be wearing. And sometimes it's incredibly energizing. I'm glad you were finally able to write a good bit. I've been editing all day, but not what I originally planned to edit. Tough when you're feeling out of sorts.

  2. LOL - you can't win them all, Judy. The important thing was - I endured - creativity won over comfortability.