Sunday, February 6, 2011

The 'Too Much' Workshop - Beware

I think I should have realized, when I saw the program, that there was a lot of stuff the speaker planned on covering. That should have been a clue. I signed up anyhow. It tempted me with its title, 'Be A Pro.' OK, I'm putting myself out there. Keeping up Facebook, my blog, my writing, my contacts, going to classes. So I must be on my way to becoming a pro???

Well, there was too much on the agenda and the program was almost useless. But as I said in a post the other day, if I learn one thing, I'm going to say I've had a 'moment of success.' 

A woman next to me hadn't a clue about blogging. So I gave her some advise. She was delighted. So that was one good thing.

Another - but I don't think it's for me - there are lots of people out there who can't write a resume, a personal statement, a cover letter... If I wanted to make money, I know I could help them. But then, I'd have no time to write. And I can't breathe without writing. Most days!

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  1. Me, too!! I went to a workshop, and found myself overwhelmed by all the stuff I'm supposed to be doing to promote my writing! Ack! But like you, I tried to take one thing away from it, and I did: I'm on the right track. LOL!

    I know the woman was grateful you were there! Sometimes God puts us in places to help us, and sometimes He puts us in places to help someone else, an answer to someone else's prayer.