Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Day's Rest

There are definite days when I just don't trust myself and what I've written. Sometimes, even after the third or fourth reading, I think... Why did I write that? Where was I going with it? What on earth will save the chapter now?

And yet, given a day away from it, the writing seems profound. ROTFL

Chapter Eleven is complete, edited, and ready for the editor. If you're wondering how -- the chapters are short, usually only about 1,300 words. I will confess, I really like long chapters. But this story has insisted the chapters be smallish, for me, and so, as ever, I am obedient to the Muse.

I had to fight writing too much of the mechanics. It's a sort of tournament and it feels so easy to just slip into long descriptions of the events -- It won't work that way. More important is the fact that our hero/heroine misses his dragon.

Life is good!


  1. One of my favorite writing quotes is from Nora Roberts who said that she cannot fix a blank page. And how fantastic that you were able to come back and realize that nothing needed fixing!

  2. There really is a lot to be said for going away from something for a bit, then looking at it with rested eyes and mind. We should put a limit on how many times we read through something after we've just written it, and vow to look at it only after resting -- that way we are less likely to change something that is already as it should be!

  3. Oh those blasted blank pages, Judy!

    And Margaret - wisdom weaves through your words.

    Many thanks to the both of you!