Monday, February 14, 2011

Little Bear and Bernard Cornwell

I know - they seem to be as far from each other as east is from west... but let me explain.

I've got the cutest, bestest grand daughter in the world. Right at nap time, I've got to ratchet her down a few levels and Little Bear works beautifully - for her and for me.

I've written about the little things in writing. Well, the scene with Emily hanging upside down in a tree with her hair falling down - which it should - due to gravity.... That scene would have been ruined if the folks writing/drawing/editing it hadn't remembered that hair falls down when you're upside down.

The same with Bernard Cornwell's battle scenes. Honestly,  the details are so great, that you can see everything. There's no questioning. I just love his battle scenes. Sights, smells, sounds, touch....

Again, it's these little things, the things I call them tiquesmiques, that are so mind-blowing in writing. Love them!  

PS - I know I've spelt tiquesmiques wrong, but I googled and couldn't find it.

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