Tuesday, February 22, 2011


We had a hellacious ice storm here on Sunday night. From about 4am on Monday morning, I sat on my couch or walked from the bedroom to the living room, wondering when the trees around my house were going to fall.

I've got three huge oaks nearby - within spitting distance - and they creaked and groaned all night. Limbs were falling (not big ones, thankfully) and they littered the roof. The wild winds kicked them about and all you could hear was their skittering (like a thousand raccoons).

My border's dogs were nigh beside themselves. She even medicated them, trying to help their anxiety. It was useless. If I could have medicated myself, I would have!!!

Finally, the electricity went out at 5:30am. Never came back till this afternoon (Tuesday) around 3ish.

Thankfully - my daughter and her husband put me up at their house for the night and the border stayed with a friend. We are both gtrateful that the power is back.

Of course, I went to the grocery store on Sunday (it's Murphy's Law) and so I'm going to be pitching some stuff. Hopefully not all of it.

Don't mean to spend time here in the writing area to speak about such things, but, needless to say, I didn't think of the book once. Just prayed the trees didn't fall on the house. The ice is still out there. Tomorrow, it's supposed to start melting before the next freeze comes on Thursday night.

I will be very grateful to have this winter over with - I think. 

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  1. You can always use it in a book. :-) Glad to hear you're all right.