Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Neck is sore - but for a good cause

Due to the weather, I had the day off. Spent at least five hours writing. What a blessing!

Spent the first part of the early afternoon writing the little 'fun' piece. It's full of angst and I love the characters - so it's fun. Got a full new chapter done. Around 600 words. The chapters for this one are small. Well, smaller than my normal, but I wanted it that way. Each chapter is one man's POV. The first is for the elder brother and the next is his younger brother's POV.

Writing this one is really helping me to hone my POV skills. Jumping from POV's can be an easy thing to do and really make the reading difficult. Focusing like this, really helps me.

Now - 'Blue' - spent the rest of the day honing the suggestions my editor made. She thought the change the hero/heroine goes through wasn't quite enough. She's almost always right. So I moved some stuff and added more. It was a challenge, but fun nonetheless. Really makes me think.

Then - and I have to laugh - I had Kaspar change into an otter. Well, in the midst of that, I had him thinking like a beaver. Honestly - an otter and a beaver think very differently! That, of course, meant more research. But I got it done and Kaspar holds up his webbed feet instead of his hands. Works much better.

I really have to laugh when these things happen. Murphy's Law. I'm glad I usually catch them. Well, usually it's in the middle of the night and I wake up and hit my palm to my head and giggle.

So - I'm finished with chapters 5-7 and they really feel tight and good. Chapters 8 and 9 are finished but need that final editing before sending it off to my editor. Though magic and Sir Giddly will spring forth, the main story for these next chapters will be our hero/heroine going through the paces of 'squire school.' It feels good so far - and interesting. I already have a sense of the characters that will be drawn to Kaspar, and also know who will be friend and who will be foe. These are important. LOL

So - tomorrow - or perhaps tonight - I'll check out 8 and 9, then forge forward.

Hope everyone is safe and warm during this long-lasting storm!


  1. Otters and beavers? Oh, now I'm really curious! LOL! It sounds fun!

    I have a terrible time with POV. I was afraid it was only my writing that was a problem, but one of my dearest friends assured me that we all do it in our everyday speech. She's write. So, I learned that I write like I talk. I'm now doing a complete overhaul of my completed inspirational historical romance. I like it better now. It's a chapter a day this month, and at the end of the day I write the synopsis for that chapter. Chapter one is done. Thanks for the encouragement by being a good example!

  2. Overhauls - wraiths on wings!

    I wish you the best of luck with it. Your goal sounds awesome. I will be lifting you up, hoping you achieve it daily.