Sunday, February 27, 2011

Killed Another One!

I've done it again. I didn't mean to, but it's happened again. I must be cursed.

I find these wonderful little restaurants and spend a few hours on a certain day writing. They aren't busy enough to make me leave my table after my meal, but they also are not 'hurting' for business. At least, I never think so. I eat my meal, have my coffee, write, and leave a generous tip.

But time and time again, the restaurants close.

Today, I am again without a favorite restaurant. This is at least the fourth time this has happened.

Now, I don't suppose I can take all the blame. The recession has done wonders for the family restaurant. Sadly. People can't afford to eat out as often, so they go to the chains that might have lower prices. Yet, the family restaurant serves a good meal for a decent price and usually welcomes with open arms, their customers.

I sigh as I write this. I've got to find another restaurant soon. I write at home - who doesn't - but taking my story out to a different location gives it an added depth, a refreshing momentary glimpse into something else. I consider my workroom as quiet and good for writing, but after awhile, the trees look at me and refuse to move me. Perhaps it's the snow. I need some green. I get that at restaurants. A different view of life.

Life is good, if interesting.


  1. I like writing in restaurants as well but can't afford it. Sorry to hear another place is out of business. May God bless them.

  2. Ah -- I thought you were going to say you had killed off your main character. Whew! ;-)

    Sad about the restaurant, though! No doubt it's simply coincidence, but one would definitely start to wonder after 4 restaurants go down after becoming your favorite!

  3. Judy, if I get the morning special, I can eat for $10 with the tip. Which is awesome. So I make the outing a breakfast one, once a week, and go well after the breakfast rush. That way, I don't feel like I'm imposing and taking a table that could render cash for the place and the waiter/waitress.

    I also found a library nearby that has a coffee shop. I treat myself, once in awhile, to a mocha, find a table near a garden, and write there.

    This economy is a killer.

  4. Ah, Margaret. I hope I don't kill off a character. Hm - yup, will, but not the main character. Thankfully!

    I really wondered, about the restaurants, if I had an albatross about my neck!