Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I am so grateful for my inner circle who support me unequivocally. I wonder if I would still be writing if not for the pats on the back and the you write really well comments. I might still write - but I have a sneaky suspicion I'd be hiding in a cave doing it.

I also have to profusely thank those who read my stuff in the beginning - when I knew I wasn't good. But they didn't care - they said it had potential - to keep writing. And I did and I've won awards for some of my stories. Not in the mainstream publishing area, but in little Soho-type venues. I can't thank those 'beginner' friends enough!

We can be such fools at times. We can hurt each other so easily. I've ever been naive. I wonder how many people get off by being nasty, hurtful, and mean.

I found out a friend had stopped going to a writers group because she felt she was being laughed at by some of the newer members. Now, this woman has got such a sharp wit and such an easy going style - that I sit and listen and laugh and think wow. And then she always twists her endings. I love it. She inspires me. I haven't told her that. I will tonight.

Pat a writer on the back this week. Pat yourself on the back. Life is incredible.


  1. Go you! Consider your back patted. ;-D I know I was thrilled when I found your blog. Seeing your efforts has inspired mine.

  2. Right back at you, Judy. I am humbled that this blog inspires you. Keep it up!